Gorgeous Orange Yellow Ensemble 2 skirts, Bra, Belt

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6.00 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This ensemble consists of a 25 yard full tie dye Orange and golden yellow 100% cotton skirt. This is layered over a full 25 yard 100% cotton skirt, The Bra is a 38C and it is really beautiful. It is covered with Panne and then all hand work is done on it. The kuchi belt is amazing.

I will break down the prices here for each piece and then you can see the savings if bought as an ensemble.

Orange yellow dipdye skirt  $ 85

Orange Skirt or choose any color $ 65

Bra $ 175

Belt $ 125


Total $ 450

As an ensemble the whole outfit will be $ 400 . A total savings of $ 50

And I can do a layaway. Contact me if you so desire.